The Morrigante Werewolf Pack of Glenview, IL

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The Morrigante Werewolf Pack of Glenview, IL Empty The Morrigante Werewolf Pack of Glenview, IL

Post  Noe - Alpha Wolf Admin on Sat Oct 11, 2008 1:11 pm

I'm Noe, the Admin of Chicago Therians, and as advertised on the site, I am an alpha werewolf forming a pack based in Glenview, IL

The Morrigan is the 3-natured patron goddess of my family (the O'Reilleys), the goddess of war, women, death, and sometimes the moon.

Morrigantes refers to what my family's warriors were called by the Romans in battle. Once a strong family, we held the first high Kingship of Ireland. There is a story that when St. Patrick came to Ireland a rich family resisted Christianity, and he cursed them to turn into werewolves every 7 years. It's impossible to determine how accurate the legend may be, but evidence suggests it may have been the O'Reilleys (the O'Briens sprang from our clan later).

The women and some men in my family have long displayed Therian tendencies, and recently at the age of 28 I was awakened to my other nature. I am an alpha looking for a pack which will be run with a mix of democracy and autocracy, just as real wolves do. However how those challenges work will be more human, but a mix, as we are mixes ourselves.

The Morrigantes Pack is open to Werewolves, and any-hybrid where one nature is wolf. The greater community welcomes all, but this pack is for werewolves of the near northwest suburbs or northwest part of the city.

Please contact me here, reply to this post, or email for more information or to join.

Meetings will be on the nights of the full moon and coincide with Chicago Therian gatherings. I look forward to meeting my pack!

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Noe - Alpha Wolf Admin
Noe - Alpha Wolf Admin

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