Underworld 3 Is In The Works!

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Underworld 3 Is In The Works!

Post  Noe - Alpha Wolf Admin on Sat Oct 11, 2008 9:32 am


Underworld 3: Rise Of the Lycans is in production.

Following the book "Underworld: Blood Enemy" by Greg Cox, it will tell the tale of how the vampire/lycan war of the Underworld series began. Unlike the book, Selene will have no part, so Kate Beckinsale will not appear.

However, the yummy Lucian, played by Michael Sheen will star again.

The story follows Lucian's forbidden affair with Sonja, daughter of Viktor, the vampire who owns lycan Lucian as a slave. When Sonja is burned alive in punishment for conceiving Lucian's child, Lucian escapes and leads the lycans to battle.

It'd be nice to see some female lycans, but I doubt it will. In the previous 2 movies and the 3 novels spawned by them, it is never explained why there are no female lycans. As a female werewolf, I find it disappointing, but so long as I can see sexy vampires and yummy lycan eye candy, I'll be happy.

The third installment in the Underworld series (and as a prequel, likely the last) is due in theaters January 23rd, 2009. Enjoy! Very Happy

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